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137def _json_array(obj):
138 return enumerate(obj)
146def as_array(obj):
147 """
148 Creates an json-like representation of a variable, supporting types with a `.to_array()` function.
150 :rtype: dict|list|str|int|float|bool|None
151 """
152 if hasattr(obj, "to_array"):
153 return obj.to_array()
154 elif isinstance(obj, (list, tuple)):
155 return [as_array(x) for x in obj]
156 elif isinstance(obj, dict):
157 return {key:as_array(obj[key]) for key in obj.keys()}
158 else:
159 _json_dumps(obj) # raises error if is wrong json
160 return obj
121def to_json(self, value):
122 return list(map(self.space.to_json, value))
25def python_to_json(python_data):
26 '''Convert python data (tuple, list, dict, etc) into json string'''
27 json_str = json.dumps(python_data, indent=4)
28 return json_str
41def make_array(key, data):
42 result = []
43 for item in data:
44 result.append(item.get(key))
45 return str(json.dumps(result))
190def _array_from_json(self, json_obj, writers_schema, readers_schema):
191 return [self._generic_from_json(x, writers_schema.items, readers_schema.items)
192 for x in json_obj]

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