6 examples of 'capitalize in python' in Python

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1085def _capitalize(s):
1086 return ' '.join(p.capitalize() for p in s.split())
63def capitalize(s):
64 s = s.lower()
65 return s[0].upper() + s[1:]
496def capitalize(s):
497 """capitalize(s) -> string
499 Return a copy of the string s with only its first character
500 capitalized.
502 """
503 return s.capitalize()
50def _capitalizeWords(s):
51 w = WORD_RE.sub(_capitalizeMatch, s)
52 w = WORD2_RE.sub("", w)
53 return w
255def capitalize_helper(string):
256 string_list = list(string)
257 string_list[0] = string_list[0].upper()
258 return "".join(string_list)
69def capitalize(self, sString):
70 return '%s%s' % (sString[0].capitalize(), sString[1:])

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