9 examples of 'close window tkinter' in Python

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200def close_window():
201 print("search destroy")
202 search.destroy()
57def close_window(root):
58 root.destroy()
166def close_window(self, widget):
167 widget.destroy()
63def close(self):
64 self._window_closing = True
40def hide(self):
41 """Hide the window."""
42 self.tk.withdraw()
43 self._visible = False
44 if self._modal:
45 self.tk.grab_release()
60def close(w): # Close method
61 del w.text # Break circular ref
62 gwin.close(w)
454def askclose():
455 if tkMessageBox.askokcancel("Quit", "Do you really wish to exit?"):
456 root.destroy()
731def _close_window(self):
732 if self.prevent_losing_changes():
733 print('Exiting..')
734 if self.__silent is True:
735 return
736 self.root.destroy()
48def on_closing(self):
49 if ((self.bot.run and not self.bot.force_kill) or self.uptime_thread.is_running) and \
50 tkMessageBox.askokcancel("Quit", "Are you sure you want to quit? There are processes running"):
51 self.uptime_thread.kill()
52 self.frame.destroy()
53 else:
54 self.uptime_thread.kill()
55 self.frame.destroy()

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