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48def collect_static():
49 """
50 Django collectstatic
51 """
52 with cd(PROJECT_PATH):
53 with prefix("workon {}".format(VIRTUAL_ENV_NAME)):
54 run("python manage.py collectstatic --noinput")
152def collectstatic():
153 """ Run a Django collectstatic command on the remote server """
154 require('environment')
155 manage('collectstatic --noinput')
156 sudo('chmod -R a+rx %s' % os.path.join(env.code_root, 'public'))
69def collectstatic(use_current_release=False):
70 """
71 Collect static after a code update
72 Must run on web workers for same reasons as version_static.
73 """
74 venv = env.virtualenv_root if not use_current_release else env.virtualenv_current
75 with cd(env.code_root if not use_current_release else env.code_current):
76 sudo('{}/bin/python manage.py collectstatic --noinput -v 0'.format(venv))
77 sudo('{}/bin/python manage.py fix_less_imports_collectstatic'.format(venv))
78 sudo('{}/bin/python manage.py compilejsi18n'.format(venv))
79 sudo('rm -f tmp.sh resource_versions.py; {}/bin/python manage.py build_requirejs'.format(venv))

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