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26def remove(self, virtual_env='worker'):
27 with my_cmd.chdir(self.project):
28 my_cmd.run_cmd('rm -fr %s' % virtual_env)
97def remove_virtualenv(cwd, venv_path):
98 subprocess.check_call(["rm", "-rf", venv_path], cwd=cwd)
88def delete_env(self, env):
89 output = self._execute('conda env remove -y -q --json -n', env)
90 return self.clean_conda_json(output)
266def remove_env(self):
267 if self.name not in self._env_list:
268 raise Exception('Environment can not be found.')
269 self.create_sess()
270 cmd = 'cd ' + self._env_dir
271 self.run_cmd(cmd)
272 cmd = 'rm -rf ' + self.name
273 self.run_cmd(cmd)
274 self.update_env_list()
275 self.close_sess()
276 assert self.name not in self._env_list
277 self.logger.info('Environment {} is removed'.format(self.name))
96def uninstall(environment):
97 """uninstall the app
98 """
99 _assign_host(environment)
100 execute(util.uninstall, APP)
72def do(self):
73 for dirname in ['bin', 'include', 'lib', 'src', 'build']:
74 self.conf.dirname = dirname
75 sudo('rm --recursive --force %(env_path)s/%(dirname)s' % self.conf)
139def run(self):
140 """Display 'Conda: Remove' in Sublime Text's command palette.
142 When 'Conda: Removed' is clicked by the user, the command
143 palette whill show all conda environments available for removal.
144 The index of the selected environment is then passed to the
145 remove_environment method"
146 """
147 self.window.show_quick_panel(self.conda_environments,
148 self.remove_environment)

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