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74def cast_tuple_int_list(tup):
75 """Set tuple float values to int for more predictable test results"""
76 return [int(a) for a in tup]
119def ToIntList(lst):
120 result = []
121 if lst is None:
122 return result
123 if type(lst) == list:
124 for i in lst:
125 result.append(int(i))
126 else:
127 split = lst.split( )
128 for i in split:
129 result.append(int(i))
130 return result
53def toInts(inList):
54 outList = []
55 for i in inList:
56 outList.append(int(i))
57 return outList
11def _inttuple(obj):
12 if isinstance(obj, tuple) and len(obj)==1:
13 obj = obj[0]
14 if isinstance(obj, (slice,)+integer_types):
15 return (obj,)
16 return tuple(obj)
75def to_int(value):
76 return int(value)
197def _convert(self, value):
199 return int(value)
58def to_int(input):
59 try:
60 return int(input)
61 except ValueError:
62 raise Exception ('Input is not an integer')

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