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3def convert_array_to_object(array):
4 json = {}
5 for idx in range(len(array)):
6 json[str(idx)] = array[idx]
7 return json
197def c_vector_to_python(x):
198 """
199 Convert the c vector data into the correct python data type
200 (numpy arrays or strings)
202 :param x: ctypes array
203 :return: Iterable
204 """
205 if isinstance(x[0], bool):
206 return numpy.frombuffer(x, dtype=numpy.bool).copy()
207 elif isinstance(x[0], int):
208 return numpy.frombuffer(x, dtype=numpy.int32).copy()
209 elif isinstance(x[0], float):
210 return numpy.frombuffer(x, dtype=numpy.float64).copy()
211 elif isinstance(x[0].value, bytes):
212 return [to_python_string(y) for y in x]
24def convert_list_of_ints_to_string(array_of_ints):
25 return re.sub('\s+', ',', np.array_str(array_of_ints).strip('[]'))

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