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105def c_cos(x, y):
106 return rcomplex.c_cos(x,y)
106def cos(x):
107 return mod(x).cos(x)
83def cos(times: np.ndarray, amp: complex, freq: float, phase: float = 0) -> np.ndarray:
84 """Continuous cosine wave.
86 Args:
87 times: Times to output wave for.
88 amp: Pulse amplitude.
89 freq: Pulse frequency, units of 1/dt.
90 phase: Pulse phase.
91 """
92 return amp*np.cos(2*np.pi*freq*times+phase).astype(np.complex_)
150def cos(self):
151 self = self.clone()
152 self._inplaceUnaryOp(lambda a: math.cos(a))
153 return self
16def cosd(x): return np.cos(x / 180. * np.pi)

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