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51def test_creating_a_dictionary_with_dictionary_comprehension(self):
52 dict_of_weapons = {'first': 'fear', 'second': 'surprise',
53 'third':'ruthless efficiency', 'forth':'fanatical devotion',
54 'fifth': None}
56 dict_comprehension = { k.upper(): weapon for k, weapon in dict_of_weapons.iteritems() if weapon}
58 self.assertEqual(False, 'first' in dict_comprehension)
59 self.assertEqual(True, 'FIRST' in dict_comprehension)
60 self.assertEqual(5, len(dict_of_weapons))
61 self.assertEqual(4, len(dict_comprehension))
363def test_dict_comprehension(self):
364 tree = ast.parse('a = {int:"a" for int in range(3,9)}')
365 checker = BuiltinsChecker(tree, '/home/script.py')
366 ret = [c for c in checker.run()]
367 self.assertEqual(len(ret), 1)
1042@utils.check_messages("using-constant-test", "missing-parentheses-for-call-in-test")
1043def visit_comprehension(self, node):
1044 if node.ifs:
1045 for if_test in node.ifs:
1046 self._check_using_constant_test(node, if_test)

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