How to use 'dimension of pandas dataframe' in Python

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947def dframe(self, dimensions=None, multi_index=False):
948 """Convert dimension values to DataFrame.
950 Returns a pandas dataframe of columns along each dimension,
951 either completely flat or indexed by key dimensions.
953 Args:
954 dimensions: Dimensions to return as columns
955 multi_index: Convert key dimensions to (multi-)index
957 Returns:
958 DataFrame of columns corresponding to each dimension
959 """
960 if dimensions is None:
961 dimensions = [ for d in self.dimensions()]
962 else:
963 dimensions = [self.get_dimension(d, strict=True).name for d in dimensions]
964 df = self.interface.dframe(self, dimensions)
965 if multi_index:
966 df = df.set_index([d for d in dimensions if d in self.kdims])
967 return df

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