4 examples of 'django reset database' in Python

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38def resetdb():
39 """Remove all content from database and creates new tables"""
40 conn = Connection(app_site())
41 conn.get('reset')
42 print 'Database reset'

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22def reset_db():
23 if confirm("Are you sure? This will WIPE ALL USER DATA"):
24 with cd(code_dir):
25 run("redis-cli flushall")
26 run("make seed")
45def reset_db():
46 init_db()
48 for model in REGISTERED_MODELS:
49 model.drop_table(True)
50 model.create_table(True)
271def _destroy_test_db(self, test_database_name, verbosity):
272 """
273 Internal implementation - remove the test db tables.
274 """
275 # Remove the test database to clean up after
276 # ourselves. Connect to the previous database (not the test database)
277 # to do so, because it's not allowed to delete a database while being
278 # connected to it.
279 with self.connection._nodb_connection.cursor() as cursor:
280 # Wait to avoid "database is being accessed by other users" errors.
281 time.sleep(1)
282 cursor.execute("DROP DATABASE %s"
283 % self.connection.ops.quote_name(test_database_name))

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