9 examples of 'django template date format' in Python

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45def dj_date(value, format_string):
46 return django_date(value, format_string)

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332def date(value, arg=DATE_FORMAT):
333 "Formats a date according to the given format"
334 if value in EMPTY_DATE_VALUES:
335 return ''
336 from django.utils.dateformat import format
337 return format(value, arg)
620def date(value, arg=None):
621 """Formats a date according to the given format."""
622 from django.utils.dateformat import format
623 if not value:
624 return u''
625 if arg is None:
626 arg = settings.DATE_FORMAT
627 return format(value, arg)
45def date_format(context):
46 """ Returns Context Variable Containing Date format currently used """
47 return {'DATE_FORMAT': settings.DATE_FORMAT.replace('%', '')}
38def jinja_date_formatter(timestamp, format='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S'):
39 """ Reformats a datetime timestamp from str(datetime.datetime) """
40 if timestamp is None:
41 return 'n/a'
42 else:
43 return datetime.datetime.strftime(timestamp, format)
83def htmldate_filter(d):
84 formatted_date = d.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M UTC")
85 return jinja2.Markup(f'<span title="{d.isoformat()}">{formatted_date}</span>')
8def smart_date(value):
9 now = timezone.localtime(timezone.now(), value.tzinfo)
10 if value.year == now.year:
11 if value.month == now.month and value.day == now.day:
12 return value.strftime('%H:%M')
13 return value.strftime('%b %d')
14 return value.strftime('%b %d, %Y')
96def date_and_time(value, formatting="N j, Y, h:i a"):
97 """
98 Reformats a date string in a humanized format, AP style by default.
99 """
100 try:
101 dt = dateparse(value)
102 except ValueError:
103 return value
104 return dateformater(dt, formatting)
385def _format_value(self, value):
386 if self.is_localized and not self.manual_format:
387 return formats.localize_input(value)
388 elif hasattr(value, 'strftime'):
389 value = datetime_safe.new_date(value)
390 return value.strftime(self.format)
391 return value

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