6 examples of 'except keyboardinterrupt' in Python

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83def handleKeyboardInterrupt(signalNumer, frame):
84 for t in threads:
85 t.stop()

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31def _handle_interrupt(signum, frame):
32 click.echo('Exiting upon user request!')
33 sys.exit(0)
126def KeyboardInterruptHandler(_signal, _frame):
127 print("Ctrl-C detected")
128 engine.shutdown()
129 sys.exit(0)
31def on_interrupt(signum, frame):
32 # It's necessary to release lockfile
33 sys.exit()
63def interrupt_(event):
64 event.app.exit(exception=KeyboardInterrupt, style='class:aborting')
14def checkForInterrupts(self):
15 #GPCPUman.pdf p. 40 about priorities
16 # If an interrupt occours, the PC is pushed to the stack.
17 # It is up to the interrupt routine to return it.
19 # 0xFF0F (IF) - Bit 0-4 Requested interrupts
20 # 0xFFFF (IE) - Bit 0-4 Enabling interrupt vectors
21 anyInterruptToHandle = ((self.mb[IF] & 0b11111) & (self.mb[IE] & 0b11111))
23 # Better to make a long check, than run through 5 if statements
24 # TODO: Implement a interruptMasterEnable latch! The interrupt doesn't take effect on the very next instruction after IE
25 if anyInterruptToHandle and self.interruptMasterEnable:
26 return (
27 self.testAndTriggerInterrupt(VBlank, 0x0040) or
28 self.testAndTriggerInterrupt(LCDC, 0x0048) or
29 self.testAndTriggerInterrupt(TIMER, 0x0050) or
30 self.testAndTriggerInterrupt(Serial, 0x0058) or
31 self.testAndTriggerInterrupt(HightoLow, 0x0060)
32 )
34 return NoInterrupt

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