5 examples of 'exception in tkinter callback' in Python

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39def gui_excepthook(exctype, value, tb):
40 try:
41 import ctypes, traceback
42 MB_ICONERROR = 0x00000010
43 title = u'Error starting QtConsole'
44 msg = u''.join(traceback.format_exception(exctype, value, tb))
45 ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW(0, msg, title, MB_ICONERROR)
46 finally:
47 # Also call the old exception hook to let it do
48 # its thing too.
49 old_excepthook(exctype, value, tb)

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35def gui_excepthook(exctype, value, tb):
36 try:
37 import ctypes
38 import traceback
39 MB_ICONERROR = 0x00000010
40 title = u'Error starting IPython QtConsole'
41 msg = u''.join(traceback.format_exception(exctype, value, tb))
42 ctypes.windll.user32.MessageBoxW(0, msg, title, MB_ICONERROR)
43 finally:
44 # Also call the old exception hook to let it do
45 # its thing too.
46 old_excepthook(exctype, value, tb)
56def excepthook(exctyp, value, tb):
57 traceback.print_exception(exctyp, value, tb, None, sys.stderr)
58 sys.exit(1)
242def default_exception_hook(type, value, tb):
243 logError("Uncaught exception of type %s occured" % type)
244 traceback.print_tb(tb)
245 logError("Exception: %s" % value)
247 mainLoop.quit()
195def exceptionPopUp(self,msg):
196 self.popup = tk.Toplevel()
197 self.errMessage = tk.Message(self.popup, text=msg)
198 self.errMessage.pack()
199 self.popup.title("Exception")

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