How to use 'expected conditions selenium python' in Python

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1716def wait_for_condition(self,script,timeout):
1717 """
1718 Runs the specified JavaScript snippet repeatedly until it evaluates to "true".
1719 The snippet may have multiple lines, but only the result of the last line
1720 will be considered.
1723 Note that, by default, the snippet will be run in the runner's test window, not in the window
1724 of your application. To get the window of your application, you can use
1725 the JavaScript snippet ``selenium.browserbot.getCurrentWindow()``, and then
1726 run your JavaScript in there
1729 'script' is the JavaScript snippet to run
1730 'timeout' is a timeout in milliseconds, after which this command will return with an error
1731 """
1732 self.do_command("waitForCondition", [script,timeout,])
382def should_not_have(self, condition, timeout=None):
383 return self.should_not(condition, timeout)

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