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177def redirect_with_query(redirect_uri, params):
178 """Return a Bottle redirect to the given target URI with query parameters
179 encoded from the params dict.
180 """
181 return redirect(redirect_uri + '?' + urllib.urlencode(params))

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14def redirect(request):
15 return HttpResponseRedirect('/')
14def redirect_view(request):
15 return HttpResponseRedirect(target)
68def redirect(url, status='301 Moved Permanently'):
69 """
70 Returns a `status` redirect to the new URL.
71 `url` is joined with the base URL so that things like
72 `redirect("about") will work properly.
73 """
74 newloc = urlparse.urljoin(web.ctx.path, url)
76 # if newloc is relative then make it absolute
77 #mvoncken:Disabled because we don't want to redirect to localhost!
78 #mvoncken:back to http-spec, maybe better.
79 if newloc.startswith('/'):
80 newloc = web.ctx.home + newloc
82 web.ctx.status = status
83 web.ctx.output = ''
84 web.header('Content-Type', 'text/html')
85 web.header('Location', newloc)
10def test_redirect_to_redirects_to_same_location_of_redirect(self):
11 # assert
12 assert redirect_to('home').location == redirect(url_for('home')).location

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