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269def send_static(path):
270 """ serve static files during devel (deployed with nginx+uwsgi) """
271 return flask.send_from_directory(os.getenv("STATIC_DIR", "/var/www/static"), path)
19def serve(path):
20 if path != "" and os.path.exists("src/client/" + path):
21 return send_from_directory('src/client', path)
22 else:
23 return send_from_directory('src/client', 'index.html')
24def serve_static(path):
25 return send_from_directory("static", path)
152@app.route("/", defaults={"path": ""})
154def root(path): # pylint: disable=unused-variable
155 """Responds to all other non-static paths with index.html.
157 Args:
158 path: Unused path.
160 Returns:
161 The landing page html text.
162 """
163 del path
164 return send_from_directory(FLAGS.static_path, "index.html")
11def send_static_file(filename):
12 return send_from_directory(static_folder, filename)
28def flask_maple(path):
29 return send_from_directory(
30 ph.join(site.static_folder, 'flask-maple'), path)

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