5 examples of 'get ascii value of char python' in Python

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865def get_unicode(ch):
866 try:
867 return unichr(ch)
868 except:
869 return chr(ch)
143def CChar(c):
144 return C_CHAR.get(c, c)
13def is_ascii(char):
14 try:
15 return ord(char) < 128
16 except:
17 return False
267def get_char(self, sql, pos):
268 """
269 Forge SQL to extract a character at a given position
270 """
271 return self.forge.get_char(sql, pos)
22def str(self):
23 a = self.attributes
24 enc = encodings[a['encoding'].strip()]
25 if not enc:
26 log.warning('Unknown encoding: %s' % a['encoding'])
27 raise AttributeError('str')
28 return str(chr(a['char1'])+chr(a['char2'])).encode(enc)

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