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120def first_key(d):
121 if sys.version < '3':
122 return sorted(d.keys())[0]
123 else:
124 for key in sorted(d.keys()):
125 return key
5def _find_dict_in_list(list_of_dict, key, val):
6 """Given a list of dictionaries, return the first dictionary that has the
7 given key:value pair.
8 """
9 try:
10 for d in list_of_dict:
11 if (key, val) in d.items():
12 return d
13 except TypeError:
14 pass
102def _find_key(d, key):
103 if not d:
104 return None
105 for k, v in d.items()[:]:
106 if k == key:
107 return d
108 else:
109 result = _find_key(v, key)
110 if result is not None:
111 return result
315def __getitem__(self, key):
316 for k, v in self:
317 if key == k:
318 return v
319 raise KeyError

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