9 examples of 'get hour from datetime python' in Python

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143def hoursLater(date, h):
144 return date + + timedelta(hours=h)

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3def hour_to_time(hour):
4 return "%2i:%02i" % (math.floor(hour), (hour - math.floor(hour)) * 60)
216def float_hour(self):
217 """Get hour and minute as a float value, e.g. 6.25 for 6:15."""
218 return self.hour + self.minute / 60.0
342def hour(self, column=None, keep=False):
343 return self._generic(name='_hour', column=column, keep=keep, multiple=True)
657def setTime(date, hour, minute, second):
658 """Takes in a date, and returns a copy of it with the time fields
659 set as specified.
661 Args:
662 date (datetime): The starting date.
663 hour (int): The hours (0-23) to set.
664 minute(int): The minutes (0-59) to set.
665 second (int): The seconds (0-59) to set.
667 Returns:
668 datetime: A new date, set to the appropriate time.
669 """
670 return date.replace(hour=hour, minute=minute, second=second, microsecond=0)
72def setHour(self, hour):
73 self.calendar = datetime(self.calendar.year, self.calendar.month, self.calendar.day, hour, self.calendar.minute, self.calendar.second, self.calendar.microsecond, self.calendar.tzinfo)
74def test_get_hour(self):
75 self.assertEqual(
76 meterbus.DateCalculator.getHour(255),
77 31,
78 )
26def strHoursToTimeDelta(hoursAsString):
27 return dt.timedelta(hours=int(hoursAsString))
28def get_alarm_hour(alarm_time):
29 if alarm_time.hour == 1: # word correction
30 alarm_hour = "ein"
31 else:
32 alarm_hour = alarm_time.hour
33 return alarm_hour

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