How to use 'grid search python' in Python

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44def grid_search(script: str, params: typing.Iterable[str], dry_run: bool=False) -> None:
45 """
46 Build all grid search parameter configurations and optionally run them.
48 :param script: String of command prefix, e.g. ``cxflow train -v -o log``.
49 :param params: Iterable collection of strings in standard cxflow param form, e.g. ``'numerical_param:int=[1, 2]'``
50 or ``'text_param:str=["hello", "cio"]'``.
51 :param dry_run: If set to ``True``, the built commands will only be printed instead of executed.
52 """
54 commands = _build_grid_search_commands(script=script, params=params)
56 if dry_run:
57 logging.warning('Dry run')
58 for command in commands:
60 else:
61 for command in commands:
62 try:
63 completed_process =
64'Command `%s` completed with exit code %d', command, completed_process.returncode)
65 except Exception as _: # pylint: disable=broad-except
66 logging.error('Command `%s` failed.', command)

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