10 examples of 'hex to base64 python' in Python

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18def hex_to_binary(hex_string):
19 return ''.join([b.decode('hex') for b in hex_string.split(" ")])
148def bytes_to_hex(str_as_bytes):
149 return binascii.hexlify(str_as_bytes)
13def hex_to_bin(s):
14 return binascii.unhexlify(s.replace(' ', ''))
113def b2a_hex(s):
114 return _b2a_hex(s).decode('us-ascii')
53def base64_to_a32(s):
54 return str_to_a32(base64urldecode(s))
25def hex2bin(hexstr):
26 """Convert a hexdecimal string to binary string, with zero fillings. """
27 num_of_bits = len(hexstr) * 4
28 binstr = bin(int(hexstr, 16))[2:].zfill(int(num_of_bits))
29 return binstr
27def bytes_to_hex(bytes):
28 return binascii.hexlify(bytes).decode('utf-8')
491def _hex_encode(buf):
492 return hexlify(buf).decode('ascii')
145def hex_to_bytes(hex_string):
146 try:
147 return bytes.fromhex(hex_string)
148 except:
149 return None
24def to_hexstr(data):
25 return ' '.join('%02x' % b for b in data)

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