5 examples of 'how to check if a letter is in a string python' in Python

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22def is_letter_numer(in_str):
23 numbers = '^[0-9A-Z]+$'
24 if re.match(numbers, str(in_str)):
25 return True
26 else:
27 return False
114def check_in_numerals(c):
115 print "Checking if input is contained in the numbers list"
116 if c in numbers:
117 print True,"Yes ",c," a number"
118 gpio_call(c)
119 return True
120 else:
121 print "The string ",c," is probably a word or an alphabet!"
122 return False
543def ascii_iscased(codepoint):
544 return codepoint < 128 and chr(codepoint).isalpha()
1def count_letters(string):
2 freq, limit, i = {}, len(string), 0
3 while i < limit:
4 if string[i] in freq:
5 freq[string[i]] += 1
6 else:
7 freq[string[i]] = 1
8 i += 1
9 return freq
60def __contains_vowel(self, string):
61 return any(c.lower() in self.toned_vowels for c in string)

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