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22def maybe_to_df(object_):
23 """
24 Convert pd.Series and robjects.DataFrame to pd.DataFrame.
25 """
26 if isinstance(object_, pd.Series):
27 object_ = object_.to_frame()
28 object_ = r_to_py(object_)
29 return object_
15def asDataFrame(it: Iterable[_T]) -> pd.DataFrame:
16 return pd.DataFrame((asdict(x) for x in it))
21def h2oToList(h2o_frame):
22 h2o_frame = h2o_frame.get_frame_data()
23 return h2o_frame.split("\n")[1:-1]
217def rpy2py_dataframe(obj):
218 items = OrderedDict((k, rpy2py(v) if isinstance(v, Sexp) else v)
219 for k, v in obj.items())
220 res = PandasDataFrame.from_dict(items)
221 res.index = obj.rownames
222 return res

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