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89def exec_script(script_filename, env={}, *args):
90 """
91 Executes a Python script in an externally spawned interpreter, and
92 returns anything that was emitted in the standard output as a
93 single string.
95 To prevent missuse, the script passed to hookutils.exec_script
96 must be located in the `PyInstaller/utils/hooks/subproc` directory.
97 """
98 script_filename = os.path.basename(script_filename)
99 script_filename = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), 'subproc', script_filename)
100 if not os.path.exists(script_filename):
101 raise SystemError("To prevent missuse, the script passed to "
102 "hookutils.exec-script must be located in "
103 "the `PyInstaller/utils/hooks/subproc` directory.")
105 cmd = [script_filename]
106 cmd.extend(args)
107 return __exec_python_cmd(cmd, env=env)

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