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44def fetch_file(file, bucket):
45 s3_client.download_file(bucket, file, save_to)

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761def test_binary_file_form(self):
762 env = TestEnvironment(
763 stdin_isatty=True,
764 stdout_isatty=False
765 )
766 r = http(
767 '--print=B',
768 '--form',
769 'POST',
770 httpbin('/post'),
771 'test@' + BIN_FILE_PATH_ARG,
772 env=env,
773 )
774 self.assertIn(bytes(BIN_FILE_CONTENT), bytes(r))
176def fetchRemoteFile(path):
177 try:
178 r = requests.get(path)
179 return r.text
180 except ConnectionError:
181 logError('File at {0} is unavailable.'.format(path))
182 except Exception as E:
183 logError('An unknown error occurred trying to fetch {0}'.format(path))
184 logError(sys.exc_info()[0])
185 return None
95def read_binary(filename):
96 with open(filename, 'rb') as binary_file:
97 # Read the whole file at once
98 data = binary_file.read()
99 return data
6def open_fixture(filename, binary=False):
7 """Open a fixture file."""
8 path = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), "fixtures", filename)
9 mode = "rb" if binary else "r"
10 return open(path, mode)

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