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52def mean(X):
53 return sum(X) / len(X)
36def mean(x): return sum(x)/len(x)
5def mean(x):
6 from numpy import sum
7 return sum(x)/len(x)
557def safe_mean(arr):
558 """
559 Compute the mean of an array if there is at least one element.
560 For empty array, return nan. It is used for logging only.
562 :param arr: (np.ndarray)
563 :return: (float)
564 """
565 return np.nan if len(arr) == 0 else np.mean(arr)
159def mean_list(x, y):
160 res = []
161 for i, j in zip(x, y):
162 res.append(round(mean(i, j), 3))
163 return res
10def mean(array):
11 if len(array)==0:
12 return 0.
13 else:
14 return numpy.mean(array)
358def getMean(self, values):
359 return float(sum(values))/len(values)
26def mean(l):
27 return sum(l)/len(l)
35def mean(l):
36 """Returns the arithmetic mean of list l, as a float"""
37 return sum(l) / len(l)
57def mean(l):
58 return 1.0 * sum(l) / len(l)

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