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119def get_total_size(files):
120 totalSize = 0
121 for f in files:
122 totalSize += f['bytes']
123 return totalSize

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249def size(self):
250 """Total size of all the files to be streamed.
252 Note that this doesn't include the bytes used for the header and
253 parameters.
255 """
256 return sum(osp.getsize(d['path']) for d in self._files)
239def upload_size(self):
240 return self._resp.get_size_upload()
74def set_filesize(self):
75 if not self.upload:
76 return
77 self.upload.predictedsize = self.bytes_written
78 self.upload.filesize = self.bytes_written
79 self.upload.byteswritten = self.bytes_written
46def file_size(self, instance):
47 if instance.file:
48 if os.path.exists(instance.file.path):
49 return filesizeformat(os.stat(instance.file.path).st_size)
50 else:
51 return '0'
52 else:
53 return '0'
39def file_size(url: str) -> int:
40 urlbits = parse_url(url)
41 if urlbits.scheme == 'http':
42 return int(http.request('HEAD', url).headers['Content-Length'])
43 elif urlbits.scheme == 'ftp':
44 return ftp_file_size(urlbits)
45 elif urlbits.scheme == 'file':
46 return stat(urlbits.path).st_size
47 else:
48 raise RuntimeError(f"Don't know how to size a file of scheme: {urlbits.scheme}: {url}")

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