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7def StopWatch(tens_led, ones_led, tenths_led, startstop, reset, clock):
9 """ 3 digit stopwatch with seconds and tenths of a second.
11 tens_led: 7 segment led for most significant digit of the seconds
12 ones_led: 7 segment led for least significant digit of the seconds
13 tenths_led: 7 segment led for tenths of a second
14 startstop: input that starts or stops the stopwatch on a posedge
15 reset: reset input
16 clock: 10Hz clock input
18 """
20 tens, ones, tenths = [Signal(intbv(0)[4:]) for i in range(3)]
22 timecount_inst = TimeCount(tens, ones, tenths, startstop, reset, clock)
23 bcd2led_tens = bcd2led(tens_led, tens, clock)
24 bcd2led_ones = bcd2led(ones_led, ones, clock)
25 bcd2led_tenths = bcd2led(tenths_led, tenths, clock)
27 return timecount_inst, bcd2led_tens, bcd2led_ones, bcd2led_tenths
16def start(self):
17 """Start the stopwatch if not started already."""
18 if not self.Running:
19 self._beg = time.time()
20 self._running = True
40def update_stopwatch(self):
41 self.stopwatch.update(delta=0.1)
42 self.after(100, self.update_stopwatch)
44 # Update timer label
45 self.w_timer['text'] = self.stopwatch.display()

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