How to use 'how to make python not case sensitive' in Python

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227def prep_case_insensitive(value):
228 """Prepare a string for case-insensitive comparison.
230 This is defined in RFC4518. For simplicity, all this function does is
231 lowercase all the characters, strip leading and trailing whitespace,
232 and compress sequences of spaces to a single space.
233 """
234 value = re.sub(r'\s+', ' ', value.strip().lower())
235 return value
130def test_case_insensitive_true(self):
131 """Verify that case insensitive variants of 'true' returns the True
132 boolean.
134 """
135 values = ['true', 'TRUE', 'True', 'tRuE', 't', 'T', ]
136 for value in values:
137 received = str_to_bool(value)
138 self.assertTrue(received)

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