How to use 'how to open mat file' in Python

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61def _open_file(file_like, appendmat):
62 ''' Open `file_like` and return as file-like object '''
63 if isinstance(file_like, basestring):
64 try:
65 return open(file_like, 'rb')
66 except IOError:
67 pass
68 if appendmat and not file_like.endswith('.mat'):
69 try:
70 return open(file_like + '.mat', 'rb')
71 except IOError:
72 pass
73 # search the python path - we'll remove this soon
74 full_name = find_mat_file(file_like, appendmat)
75 if full_name is None:
76 raise IOError("%s not found on the path."
77 % file_like)
78 return open(full_name, 'rb')
79 # not a string - maybe file-like object
80 try:
82 except AttributeError:
83 raise IOError('Reader needs file name or open file-like object')
84 return file_like

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