How to use 'how to open .mat file in matlab' in Python

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61def _open_file(file_like, appendmat):
62 ''' Open `file_like` and return as file-like object '''
63 if isinstance(file_like, basestring):
64 try:
65 return open(file_like, 'rb')
66 except IOError:
67 pass
68 if appendmat and not file_like.endswith('.mat'):
69 try:
70 return open(file_like + '.mat', 'rb')
71 except IOError:
72 pass
73 # search the python path - we'll remove this soon
74 full_name = find_mat_file(file_like, appendmat)
75 if full_name is None:
76 raise IOError("%s not found on the path."
77 % file_like)
78 return open(full_name, 'rb')
79 # not a string - maybe file-like object
80 try:
82 except AttributeError:
83 raise IOError('Reader needs file name or open file-like object')
84 return file_like

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65def loadmat(file_name, mdict=None, appendmat=True, basename='raw', **kwargs):
66 ''' Load Matlab(tm) file
68 file_name - Name of the mat file
69 (do not need .mat extension if appendmat==True)
70 If name not a full path name, search for the file on
71 the sys.path list and use the first one found (the
72 current directory is searched first).
73 Can also pass open file-like object
74 m_dict - optional dictionary in which to insert matfile variables
75 appendmat - True to append the .mat extension to the end of the
76 given filename, if not already present
77 base_name - base name for unnamed variables (unused in code)
78 byte_order - byte order ('native', 'little', 'BIG')
79 in ('native', '=')
80 or in ('little', '<')
81 or in ('BIG', '>')
82 mat_dtype - return arrays in same dtype as loaded into matlab
83 (instead of the dtype with which they are saved)
84 squeeze_me - whether to squeeze matrix dimensions or not
85 chars_as_strings - whether to convert char arrays to string arrays
86 mat_dtype - return matrices with datatype that matlab would load as
87 (rather than in the datatype matlab saves as)
88 matlab_compatible - returns matrices as would be loaded by matlab
89 (implies squeeze_me=False, chars_as_strings=False,
90 mat_dtype=True)
92 v4 (Level 1.0), v6 and v7.1 matfiles are supported.
94 '''
95 MR = mat_reader_factory(file_name, appendmat, **kwargs)
96 matfile_dict = MR.get_variables()
97 if mdict is not None:
98 mdict.update(matfile_dict)
99 else:
100 mdict = matfile_dict
101 return mdict

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