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163def pyPrint(stuff):
164 stuff = 'PY:' + stuff + "\n"
165 sys.stdout.write(stuff)
214def print_last(limit=None, file=None):
215 """This is a shorthand for 'print_exception(sys.last_type,
216 sys.last_value, sys.last_traceback, limit, file)'."""
217 if not file:
218 file = sys.stderr
219 print_exception(sys.last_type, sys.last_value, sys.last_traceback,
220 limit, file)
50def _print_in_prompt(self):
51 self.stdout.write(self._p)
120def write(self, line):
121 if self.expandtabs:
122 self._write(line.expandtabs(self.tabsize))
123 else:
124 self._write(line)

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