How to use 'how would you import a decision tree classifier in sklearn' in Python

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332def test_export_to_sklearn_pipeline(self):
333 from lale.lib.sklearn import PCA
334 from lale.lib.sklearn import KNeighborsClassifier
335 from sklearn.pipeline import make_pipeline
336 lale_pipeline = PCA(n_components=3) >> KNeighborsClassifier()
337 trained_lale_pipeline =, self.y_train)
338 sklearn_pipeline = trained_lale_pipeline.export_to_sklearn_pipeline()
339 for i, pipeline_step in enumerate(sklearn_pipeline.named_steps):
340 sklearn_step_params = sklearn_pipeline.named_steps[pipeline_step].get_params()
341 lale_sklearn_params = trained_lale_pipeline.steps()[i]._impl._wrapped_model.get_params()
342 self.assertEqual(sklearn_step_params, lale_sklearn_params)
343 self.assert_equal_predictions(sklearn_pipeline, trained_lale_pipeline)

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