5 examples of 'isint python' in Python

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196def isint(obj):
197 r"""
198 This function is deprecated and will be deleted in a future
199 version of Sage.
201 Returns True if obj is an integer or a custom object representing
202 an integer and False otherwise.
206 sage: from sage.combinat.words.utils import isint
207 sage: isint(1)
208 True
209 sage: isint("2")
210 False
211 sage: isint(1.0)
212 False
213 """
214 return hasattr(obj, '__index__')

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24def isint(x):
25 """
26 Returns True if `x` is an instance of an int.
27 """
28 return (isinstance(x, np.integer) or isinstance(x, int))
8def isint(x):
9 return False
85def isint(value):
86 """
87 This function checks if a value is an integer number
88 """
90 try:
91 int(value)
92 return True
93 except ValueError:
94 return False
439def is_int(obj):
440 return isinstance(obj, type(1))

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