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30def length(self):
31 """String length."""
32 return bytearray(self._buffer)[0]
99def string_len(self, string):
100 """
101 Forge a piece of SQL retrieving the length of a string.
102 """
103 return "LENGTH(%s)" % string
33def __len__(self):
34 return self.slice.stop - self.slice.start
440def get_size(self):
441 """Return number of bytes this type occupies in a file.
443 :return: Number of bytes.
444 """
445 return len(self._value) + 1
205def __len__(self):
206 """
207 Return the length of the string described by this
208 ``StringSource``. Note that this may not be equal to
209 ``self.end-self.begin`` for unicode strings described using
210 byte offsets.
211 """
143def length(self): return _jacks.StringList_length(self)

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