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506def intersection_update(self, other):
507 """Update self to include only the intersection with other."""
508 other = set(other)
509 indices_to_delete = set()
510 for i, elem in enumerate(self):
511 if elem not in other:
512 indices_to_delete.add(i)
513 if indices_to_delete:
514 self._delete_values_by_index(indices_to_delete)
191def intersection(self, other):
192 other = set(other)
193 return self._from_iterable(item for item in self if item in other)
101def __contains__(self, value):
102 return value in self._dict
16def intersect(*lists):
17 return list(reduce(set.intersection, (set(l) for l in lists)))
226def intersection_update(self, iterable):
227 for item in set(self):
228 if item not in iterable:
229 self.remove(item)
174def intersection_update(self, *others):
175 for other in others:
176 self &= other

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