10 examples of 'math.pow python' in Python

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31def pow(val: 'cirq.Gate', exponent: Any) -> 'cirq.Gate':
32 pass

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424def pow(x, a=1.):
425 return np.power(x, a)
147def pow(left, right):
148 return ast.BinOp(left=left, right=right, op=ast.Pow())
85def pow(x, y, name=None):
86 return _element_wise_binary(x, y, ng.power, name=name)
162def __pow__(self, power, modulo=None):
163 if isinstance(power, (int, float)):
164 return self.__class__(self.data ** power)
165 elif isinstance(power, (list, tuple)):
166 power = np.array(power)
167 if isinstance(power, np.ndarray):
168 return self.__class__(self.data ** power)
169 return NotImplemented
102def test_pow():
103 def f(B,e):
104 for R in residue_rings(B,e):
105 for a in R:
106 b = a*a
107 for i in range(4):
108 assert b == a**(i+2)
109 if a.is_unit():
110 assert ~b == a**(-(i+2))
111 b *= a
112 f(100,1)
113 f(11,3)
210def __pow__(self, exponent):
211 assert(isinstance(exponent, int))
212 return FieldElement(pow(int(self), exponent, self.modulus), self.modulus)
2def pow(self, x, n):
3 return x ** n
518def __pow__(self, other, modulo=2): return self
351def __rpow__(self, a):
352 ''' scaler ** matrix elementwise power '''
353 return self.__OP__(a, '**')

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