How to use 'matlab axis limits' in Python

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638def set_limits(self, xlim=None, ylim=None, ax=None):
639 """
640 Set the display limits.
642 Parameters
643 ----------
644 xlim : tuple, optional
645 2-Tuple containing y-axis limits in km. None uses default limits.
646 ylim : tuple, optional
647 2-Tuple containing x-axis limits in km. None uses default limits.
648 ax : Axis
649 Axis to adjust. None will adjust the current axis.
651 """
652 if ax is None:
653 ax = plt.gca()
654 if ylim is not None:
655 ax.set_ylim(ylim)
656 if xlim is not None:
657 ax.set_xlim(xlim)

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