5 examples of 'matplotlib horizontal line' in Python

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231def hline(self, y, color=None, **kwargs):
232 ax = self._newAx()
233 color = color or get_color(None, None, None)
234 ax.axhline(y, color=color, **kwargs)
264def vline(self, x, color=None, **kwargs):
265 ax = self._newAx()
266 _color = color or get_color(None, None, None)
267 ax.axvline(x, color=_color, **kwargs)
228def vline(self, x, color=None, **kwargs):
229 self.vlines.append((x, color))
271def lines(x, y, ax=None, **kwargs):
272 """Add lines to the most recent plot.
274 """
275 if ax is None:
276 global _last_axis_
277 ax = _last_axis_
278 ax.plot(x, y, **kwargs)
17def line(x, y, angle, plt):
18 line = mpl.patches.Ellipse(xy=(x,y), width=0.8, height=0.3,
19 angle=angle, facecolor="none",
20 edgecolor="#000000", linewidth=3)
21 plt.gca().add_artist(line)
22 return plt

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