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325def legend(*args, **kwargs):
326 kwargs.setdefault('framealpha', 0.2)
327 try:
328 plt.legend(*args, **kwargs)
329 except:
330 warnings.warn("framealpha not effective")
331 kwargs.pop('framealpha')
332 plt.legend(*args, **kwargs)
251def legend(self, ax, lines=(), labels=(), legend_loc="best"):
252 ax.legend(
253 lines,
254 labels,
255 title=None,
256 loc=legend_loc,
257 frameon=False,
258 ncol=1,
259 labelspacing=0.5,
260 columnspacing=1,
261 borderpad=1,
262 handlelength=2,
263 fontsize=12,
264 )
265 return ax
2589def _paint_colorbar_legend(ax, values, cmap, legend_kwargs):
2590 """
2591 Creates a legend and attaches it to the axis. Meant to be used when a ``legend=True`` parameter is passed.
2593 Parameters
2594 ----------
2595 ax : matplotlib.Axes instance
2596 The ``matplotlib.Axes`` instance on which a legend is being painted.
2597 values : list
2598 A list of values being plotted. May be either a list of int types or a list of unique entities in the
2599 data column (e.g. as generated via ``numpy.unique(data)``. This parameter is meant to be the same as that
2600 returned by the ``_discrete_colorize`` method.
2601 cmap : ``matplotlib.cm`` instance
2602 The `matplotlib` colormap instance which will be used to colorize the legend entries. This should be the
2603 same one used for colorizing the plot's geometries.
2604 legend_kwargs : dict
2605 Keyword arguments which will be passed to the matplotlib legend instance on initialization. This parameter
2606 is provided to allow fine-tuning of legend placement at the top level of a plot method, as legends are very
2607 finicky.
2609 Returns
2610 -------
2611 None.
2612 """
2613 if not legend_kwargs: legend_kwargs = dict()
2614 cmap.set_array(values)
2615 plt.gcf().colorbar(cmap, ax=ax, **legend_kwargs)

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