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81def maximize_window(self):
82 """Maximize the current window."""
83 return self._window_command('POST', '/maximize', 'maximize')
439def maximize(self):
440 if not self.is_maximized:
441 return self._toggle_maximize()
442 return True # already maximized.
117def maximize_window(self, locator=None):
118 """Maximizes a window.
120 ``locator`` is the locator of the window or a window object (optional).
122 If no ``locator`` value is given, the currently attached window is maximized.
123 See `Attach Window` for details about attaching a window and window locator syntax.
124 """
125 if locator is not None:
126 window = self._get_window(locator)
127 else:
128 window = self.state.window
129 window.DisplayState = DisplayState.Maximized
115def toggle_maximize(self):
116 if self.widget.is_maximized():
117 self.widget.unmaximize()
118 self._controller.trigger_js_event('window-unmaximized')
119 else:
120 self.widget.maximize()
121 self._controller.trigger_js_event('window-maximized')
516def close_window(self, window_name=None, title=None, url=None):
517 """
518 WebDriver implements only closing current window. If you want to close
519 some window without having to switch to it, use this method.
520 """
521 main_window_handle = self.current_window_handle
522 self.switch_to_window(window_name, title, url)
523 self.close()
524 self.switch_to_window(main_window_handle)

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