How to use 'method is used to specify the window size in tkinter' in Python

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86def set_canvas_size(
87 self, canvas_x=None, canvas_y=None,
88 resize_window=True, fullscreen=False
89 ):
90 """Change the logical canvas size and determine window/display sizes."""
91 if canvas_x is not None and canvas_y is not None:
92 self._canvas_logical = canvas_x, canvas_y
93 self._calculate_border_shift()
94 old_display_size = self._display_size
95 old_window_size = self._window_size
96 if resize_window or self._force_native_pixel:
97 # comply with requested size
98 if self._force_window_size:
99 self._window_size = self._force_window_size
100 else:
101 slack_ratio = _SLACK_RATIO if not fullscreen else 1.
102 if not self._force_native_pixel:
103 self._window_size = self._find_nonnative_window_size(slack_ratio)
104 else:
105 self._window_size = self._find_native_window_size(slack_ratio)
106 if fullscreen:
107 self._display_size = self._screen_size
108 else:
109 self._display_size = self._window_size
110 self._calculate_scale()
111 self._calculate_letterbox_shift()
112 return self._display_size != old_display_size or self._window_size != old_window_size

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74def set_size(self, width, height):
75 self.SetSize((width, height))

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