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137def rand_normal(self, shape, mean=0.0, stddev=1.0):
138 import pdfinsight.ai.yolo_tf.src.tools.pyolo as pyolo
139 n_dims = 1
140 for dim in shape:
141 n_dims *= dim
142 array = numpy.zeros((n_dims, ), dtype='float32')
144 for i in range(n_dims):
145 array[i] = pyolo.rand_normal()
147 array = numpy.reshape(array, shape)
149 return array
124def random_normal(self, shape, mean=0.0, stddev=1.0, dtype=None, seed=None):
125 np.random.seed(seed)
126 dtype = dtype or self.floatx()
127 return np.random.normal(size=shape, loc=mean, scale=stddev).astype(dtype)
18def normal_init(shape, sigma):
19 W = np.random.normal(0.0, sigma, shape)
20 return W.astype(dtype)

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