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33def getmtime(path):
34 fspath = efs2(path)
35 return os.path.getmtime(fspath)
141def getmtime(filename):
142 """Return the last modification time of a file, reported by os.stat()."""
143 return os.stat(filename).st_mtime
50def last_modified(fname):
51 return os.path.getmtime(fname)
190def mtime(path):
191 try:
192 return os.path.getmtime(path)
193 except os.error:
194 return 0
33def getmtime(f):
34 return check_output(['git', 'log', '-1', '--format="%ai"', '--', f])
39def get_FileModifyTime(filePath):
40 #filePath = str(filePath,'utf8')
41 t = os.path.getmtime(filePath)
42 return int(t)
16def getdate(self, fn):
17 return getmtime(fn)
173def update_mod_time(full_path):
174 """Update modification time.
176 Args:
177 full_path (str): current full path to file.
178 """
179 log.debug("updating modification time for file '%s'", full_path)
180 mod_time = path.getmtime(full_path)
181 File.__modification_cache[full_path] = mod_time
14def _get_file_timestamp(filename):
15 return os.path.getmtime(filename)
170def get_mtime(self, filename):
171 t = os.path.getmtime(filename)
172 return datetime.fromtimestamp(t)

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