How to use 'padx and pady in tkinter' in Python

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17def get_widget_padding(widget):
18 """Get the total padding of a Tk widget, including its border."""
19 # TODO: use also in
20 manager = widget.winfo_manager()
21 if manager == 'pack':
22 info = widget.pack_info()
23 elif manager == 'grid':
24 info = widget.grid_info()
25 else:
26 raise ValueError(f"Unsupported geometry manager: {manager}")
28 # All values are passed through getint(), since some
29 # values may be pixel objects, which can't simply be added to ints.
30 padx = sum(map(, [
31 info['padx'],
32 widget.cget('padx'),
33 widget.cget('border'),
34 ]))
35 pady = sum(map(, [
36 info['pady'],
37 widget.cget('pady'),
38 widget.cget('border'),
39 ]))
40 return padx, pady

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