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813def merge(old_cols, new_cols):
814 return old_cols + new_cols
184def combine(self, obsra, inplace=True):
185 """
186 concatenates a new obsra onto the end of the current one.
187 """
188 newobsra = pd.concat([self.obsra, obsra])
189 if inplace: self.obsra = newobsra
190 return newobsra
2302def _combine_check(self, other):
2303 """
2304 Check if self and other refer to the same table and if all columns in
2305 self and other are numeric. This sanity check is used before performing
2306 aggregation operations between IdaDataFrame/IdaSeries.
2307 """
2308 def check_numeric_columns(idaobject):
2309 not_valid = []
2310 numeric_columns = idaobject._get_numerical_columns()
2311 for column in idaobject.columns:
2312 if column not in numeric_columns:
2313 not_valid.append(column)
2314 if not_valid:
2315 raise TypeError("Arithmetic operation are not defined for %s"%not_valid)
2317 if isinstance(other, IdaDataFrame) | isinstance(other, ibmdbpy.IdaSeries):
2318 if self._name != other._name:
2319 raise IdaDataFrameError("It is not possible to aggregate columns using columns of a different table.")
2321 if not(isinstance(other, IdaDataFrame) | isinstance(other, ibmdbpy.IdaSeries) | isinstance(other, Number)):
2322 if other is not None:
2323 raise TypeError("Aggregation makes only sense with numbers, "+
2324 "or IdaDataFrames refering to the same table.")
2326 check_numeric_columns(self)
2327 if isinstance(other, ibmdbpy.IdaSeries)|isinstance(other, IdaDataFrame):
2328 check_numeric_columns(other)

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