4 examples of 'pandas difference between two dataframes' in Python

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3081def _diff(self, periods, part_cols=()):
3082 if not isinstance(periods, int):
3083 raise ValueError('periods should be an int; however, got [%s]' % type(periods))
3084 window = Window.partitionBy(*part_cols).orderBy(self._internal.index_scols)\
3085 .rowsBetween(-periods, -periods)
3086 scol = self._scol - F.lag(self._scol, periods).over(window)
3087 return self._with_new_scol(scol).rename(self.name)

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1958def _diff(self, *args, **kwargs):
1959 groupkey_scols = [s._scol for s in self._groupkeys]
1960 return Series._diff(self._kser, *args, **kwargs, part_cols=groupkey_scols)
34def get_dataframes_intersections(df1, comparator1, df2, comparator2):
35 """
36 Return DataFrames with the intersection of their column values.
38 Parameters
39 ----------
40 comparator1: DataFrame
41 DataFrame to preform comparison on.
42 comparator2: DataFrame
43 DataFrame to compare with.
45 Returns
46 -------
47 Tuple:
48 The resultingDataframe with columns not found in comparator dropped.
50 """
51 comparator1 = get_dataframe_intersection(df1, comparator1, comparator2)
52 comparator2 = get_dataframe_intersection(df2, comparator2, comparator1)
53 return comparator1, comparator2
752def intersection(d1, d2):
753 d1 = d1.reset_index()
754 d2 = d2.reset_index()
755 return d1.merge(d2, how='inner')

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