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63def find(columns: list, col_name: str):
64 """
65 Retrieve column by name.
66 :param columns: columns to search
67 :param col_name: name of column to return
68 :returns: column
69 """
70 try:
71 return next(iter([col for col in columns if col.get_name() == col_name]))
72 except StopIteration:
73 print("column '{}' not found in {}".format(col_name, [c.get_name() for c in columns]))
74 return None
78def search(df, match, columns=['Proteins','Protein names','Gene names']):
79 """
80 Search for a given string in a set of columns in a processed ``DataFrame``.
82 Returns a filtered ``DataFrame`` where `match` is contained in one of the `columns`.
84 :param df: Pandas ``DataFrame``
85 :param match: ``str`` to search for in columns
86 :param columns: ``list`` of ``str`` to search for match
87 :return: filtered Pandas ``DataFrame``
88 """
89 df = df.copy()
90 dft = df.reset_index()
92 mask = np.zeros((dft.shape[0],), dtype=bool)
93 idx = ['Proteins','Protein names','Gene names']
94 for i in idx:
95 if i in dft.columns:
96 mask = mask | np.array([match in str(l) for l in dft[i].values])
98 return df.iloc[mask]
120def get_column_data(self, item):
121 item = to_text(item)
122 if item not in self.names:
123 return None
124 if self._pandas:
125 if item in self.values.index.names:
126 return self.values.index.get_level_values(item)
127 else:
128 return self.values[item]
129 else:
130 col_id = list(idx for idx, c in self.names if c == item)[0]
131 return [r[col_id] for r in self.values]

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