4 examples of 'pandas reindex' in Python

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331def _reindex_extra_source(self, df, source_date_index):
332 return df.reindex(index=source_date_index, method='ffill')
1186def reindex_axis(self, new_index, axis, method=None, limit=None,
1187 fill_value=None, copy=True):
1188 """
1189 Conform block manager to new index.
1190 """
1191 new_index = ensure_index(new_index)
1192 new_index, indexer = self.axes[axis].reindex(new_index, method=method,
1193 limit=limit)
1195 return self.reindex_indexer(new_index, indexer, axis=axis,
1196 fill_value=fill_value, copy=copy)
653def set_index_post_series(df, index_name, drop, column_dtype):
654 df2 = df.drop("_partitions", axis=1).set_index("_index", drop=True)
655 df2.index.name = index_name
656 df2.columns = df2.columns.astype(column_dtype)
657 return df2
245def reindex(cls, dataset, kdims=None, vdims=None):
246 # DataFrame based tables don't need to be reindexed
247 return dataset.data

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